Kayaking in the faroe islands

Kayaking in the faroese nature is a great way to get a break from a busy day. Take you colleagues or friends out for a stunning experience where you can feel the fresh wind in your hair and almost feel like a part of the sea.

Kayaking gives a unique oppurtunity of coming to places boats and other bigger vessels can not come. Therefore kayaking can take you places many locals have not been.

Our experienced guides will help you and take you out for a tour suiting your level of experience. No matter if you have never been in a kayak before or you are experienced, our guide will start with a safety briefing and teach you the techniques of being in a kayak.

No matter if you want to row out to Drangarnir, row in to caves or an easy tour around Tórshavn we are ready to fulfill your wishes.

Contact us for a request for your group and we will return with a proposal.


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