About us

Nax – North Atlantic Xperience


Nax is a Faroese company that arranges measures and succes tours and thrills for individuals, groups or companies. We can arrange transport on land, hotel and guesthouses and whatever you might need to make your trip to the Faroe Islands and unforgettable adventure.

Our speciality is that we are out in our beautiful and unspoiled nature. We compose schedules according to your proposals no matter whether you want experiences on the ground, at sea or in the air – or perhaps a bit of everything.

Our history

The company was established in 2009 and since then we hare developed in the a DMC, where we can cover the parts of our your whole itinerary. 

The name represents the North Atlantic. In the logo is the North Star with a ring around it. The North Star represents the northern hemisphere. The star guides, it is reliable – and so are we. 

Our concept

We are highly experienced in group- and teamtours. We offer a range of different levels and tours. We have everything from easy to the hightly experienced. It might be the annual excursion, teambuilding, a group of friends and ore. Our staff is a tightly-knit group, handpicked and custommade for your specific trip. We are a mobile unit and cover the whole of the Faroe Islands. 

We can take an offset in company-values, mission and/or strategy. We can create adventures that you never forget and guarantee common future references.


We operate countrywide and co-operate with local suppliers in order to create an experience as real as possible of the Faroese society. We always use local suppliers when possible. 

No matter what we do and where we are it is very important that not any negative impact on nature. We take much pride in preserving the Faroese nature for future generations.  

National Geographic has highlighted the Faroe Islands as the least unspoiled island country in the world. 


Safety is our number one priority. Our staff and instructors are trained for what they do. That is why we are able to do what we do! We only use authorized suppliers. When we arrange initiatives in nature we first expertise, local as special knowledge.

Please contact us for a non binding talk about an arrangement for your group or company. Everything is possible. It depends only on your inclination and energy.