boat tours in the faroe islands

Come feel the wind your hair and the joy in your gut! With our fastspeed ribboats you can really come for an adventure. 

NAX has two fastspeed ribboats with 300 hps each. These boats are perfect for an adventure on sea where you can see the islands from a new angle. On a sightseeing tour you can see the raw nature, fantastic birds and of we are lucky we can see a seal or two. 

Due to the size and agility of these boats are perfect for sailing into caves where you can either sit in the boat and enjoy the view or jump over board and swim with our instructors trough the caves. Everything is possible!

It is also possible to combine a boat tour with some of our other activities such as rapelling or a cultural experience on a remote island.

Contact us for a request for your group and we will return with a proposal.


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