Gjógv adventure in the faroe islands

“Experience the incredible Gjógv from a new perspective with GJÓGV ADVENTURE in the Faroe Islands. Elevate your day with activities like ziplining, cliff diving, and more. Discover extraordinary landscapes!”


See the gorge in Gjógv from a new angle!

NAX has over several years developed and refined a fantastic concept in Gjógv where you can see the village and the gorge in Gjógv from an angle few people have every experienced.

Together with you we will tailor the day depending on your wishes. But the circumstances here allow for a wide range of activities such as ziplining, gorge swimming, GPS-adventure, gorge or curch konsert and hiking. Based on your preferences we create an amazing day with extraordinary experiences.

The village of Gjógv also offers good possibilites of serving good food. So weather you would like fine dining or a more rustic outdoor barbeque, NAX is the right choise for you.

“Experience Gjógv from a whole new perspective with NAX:

NAX cordially invites you to embark on an extraordinary Gjógv adventure that unveils the village and its captivating gorge from angles that few have ever witnessed before. Our array of customizable experiences includes thrilling ziplining, invigorating gorge swimming, engaging GPS adventures, enchanting gorge or church concerts, and scenic hiking expeditions. This delightful diversity allows you to craft an unforgettable day tailored precisely to your unique desires and interests.

Moreover, Gjógv beckons with a delightful selection of dining options, ranging from exquisite fine dining to rustic outdoor barbecues amidst the natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking culinary excellence, a back-to-nature experience, or a delightful fusion of both, NAX guarantees a day brimming with exceptional experiences, culinary delights, and unexpected surprises. Choose NAX for your Gjógv adventure, and unlock a world of wonders and memorable moments.”


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