GPS teambuilding in the faroe islands

Divide your employees into smaller groups and let them compede against each other on gaining most points.

The contestants will be divided into groups of 3-5 people and then have to compede against each other on solving tasks which are hidden around the village. The tasks demand of the partisipants that they collaborate on solving them as many of the tasks cannot be done individually.

On this day the contestants will see each other in new circumstances where they have to step into new roles and therefor create new friendsships across of departments, fuctions and hirearki.

It is also possible to build in questions and tasks about your firm and thereby test your employees on their knowledge on the firm they work in. 

Some of the tasks require the participants to take pictures, which can be handed over to the firm as a memory if you would like.

Contact us for a request for your group and we will return with a proposal.


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