About us

Nax – North Atlantic Xperience


Nax is a Faroese tour-operator that specializes is tailormade trips for individuals and groups. We can arrange transport on land, hotel and guesthouses and whatever you might need to make your trip to the Faroe Islands and unforgettable adventure.

The Faroese nature on land an on water lays the foundation for a once in a lifetime trip. 

Our history

The company was established in 2009.

The name represents the North Atlantic. In the logo is the North Star við a ring around. the North Star represents the northern hemisphere. The star guides, it is reliable – what we are compare with.

Our concept

We are highly experienced in offering tours in the Faroese nature. The schedule is arranged thus that all can join it. The staff is to be a tightly-knit group for a certain purpose that the company works with. We are a mobile unit. We arrange purposes nationwide.

Our trips can include individuals or groups to solve different practical and logical assignments joined by challenges and adventures. 

We create adventures that you never forget and guarantee common future references.


We operate countrywide and co-operate with local suppliers in order to create an experience as real as possible of the Faroese society. Sustainability is a key-word in all our activities, as we want to perserve our nature for the coming generations. We use local suppliers whereever possible in regards to arrangments on land. 

National Geographic highlighted that the Faroe Islands are the least unspoiled island country in the world.

Our conduct toward nature and the respect for it implies that we are never are a contributory cause that the Faroe Islands do not miss this great honour.


Safety is a keyword on everything that we do. Our staff and instructors are trained for what they do. Therefore we are able to do what we do! We only use authorized suppliers.

Please contact us if you are considering a once in a lifetime trip to the Faroe Islands. For us everything is possible. It depends only on your inclination and energy.