Nax – North Atlantic Xperience


Nax is a Faroese company that arranges measures and succes thrills for companies, foundations and groups in the tourist industry. On the whole are we out in our beautiful and unspoiled nature. We compose schedules according to your proposals no matter whether you want experiences on the ground, at sea or in the air – or perhaps a bit of everything.

In the Faroe Islands there are good chances to compare a teambuilding walk far away from normal everyday life. Like that will your appreciation become stronger, and the objective stucks in your mind.

Our way of organizing arrangements is so popular that we are now booked abroad too. In Iceland we have started some different measures.

The history

The company was established in the autumn 2009, i.a. together with the Danish teambuilding company CoastZone. We picked out the same identity so our company was named CoastZone North Atlantic. About three years later the Danish company put out from our company. We agreed to preserve the name.

In the autumn 2014 we got a new indentity which now is NAX – North Atlantic Xperience.

The name represents the North Atlantic. In the logo is the North Star við a ring around. the North Star represents the northern hemisphere. The star guides, it is reliable – what we are compare with.

Our consept

We are highly experienced in developing groups and teams and achieve a lot apart from founding and steady attend to the valuable basis. The schedule is arranged thus that all can join it. It migt be the annual excursion, the staff is to be a tightly-knit group for a certain purpose that the company works with. We are a mobile unit. We arrange purposes countrywide and have started abroad also. Thus are always new adventures in our options.

On a teambuilding day are groups cooperatint in order to solve different practical and logical assignments joined by challenges and adventures. A matter might be based on a certain subjec, say the valuable basis of the company í fyritøkuni, vision and mission or safety. The procedure is basic in these affairs. To work with a certain matter with practical training seem to stuck in our memory.

Examples of experiences and challenges

We create adventures that you never forget and guarantee common future references.


We operate countrywide and co-operate with local suppliers in order to create an experience as real as possible of the Faroese society. We want to support other suppliers.

Environment – National Geographic

No matter what we do and where we are it is very important that not any negative influence threatens the nature. Do we doubt, for example of the wildlife or plants we certainly search for specialized knowledge – or we keep out.

National Geographic has announced that the Faroe Islands are the less unspoiled island country in the world. Our conduct toward nature and the respect for it implies that we are never are a contributory cause that the Faroe Islands do not miss this great honour.

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At each step we do inform about these circumstances and claim on the participants.

We don’t leave anything which not belongs to nature

We don’t take anything with us which belongs to nature

We take all with us which not belongs to nature


We have a clear safety plan that always is in focus. Our staff is trained for what they do. Therefore we are able to do what we do! We only use sub-suppliers with the authorization needed. When we arrange initiatives in nature we first expertise, local as special knowledge.

Please contact us in this context and have a not binding talk about an arrangement for the company. Everything is possible. It depends only on your inclination and energy.