Unique experience in Stóra Dímun

From: kr. 15.995,00

Tour StartsTórshavn
AvailableApril to September
Duration6 hours
LanguagesEnglish, danish & faroese
Minimum Age16

Stóra Dímun is the Faroe Islands’ smallest inhabited island. Access to the treeless, two-and-a-half square kilometer island is normally exclusively by helicopter.

We offer you to visit this island that is rich on history and wildlife by sea, just like the Vikings did over a century ago.

Only two people now live on the island, and they primarily live of the land, just like their family before them. The same family has farmed the island for eight generations and continue to this day.

Let us take you to an experience that you will never forget and see for your self how time is not an issue in this small island, where nature rules.


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